Każdego dnia zjedz garść kapusty kiszonej lub dwa ogórki kiszone – nie zachorujesz na nowotwór. Nasze polskie kiszonki zawierają życiodajne bakterie Lactobacillus plantarum i witaminę C.
Odtrucie organizmuDieta w nowotworach

Every day, eat a handful of sauerkraut or two pickled cucumbers – you won't get cancer.
Our Polish silage contains life-giving bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum and vitamin C.

Main pathogens

"Among the huge number of pathogens, in the first place it is necessary to point to all kinds of poisoning, caused by venoms of various types of bacteria and viruses, chemical agents, body venoms (self-poisoning), narcotic, alcoholic and nicotine poisons, carcinogenic exhaust fumes, soot and factory fumes. The second group of disease factors that disrupt the proper development of cells and the balance of metabolism and contribute to the formation of numerous diseases are chronic tensions of the nervous system as a result of various noises, exceeding the permissible limits of ultrasound, as well as caused by the general dizzying pace of everyday life.
Many diseases that are difficult to eliminate simply cause accidents. All kinds of injuries deform tissues, change their normal arrangement, as a result of which they cannot function properly."
Andrzej Czesław Klimuszko – "Let's go back to herbs" (Novum Press and Publishing Institute)

Man should be seen as a complex energy information system in which everything is interconnected and interdependent. For proper functioning, it is necessary to maintain certain parameters in the body: temperature, blood pressure, blood osmotic pressure, volume of body fluids and chemical components in the blood, e.g. protein, sugar, etc. Our organism is genetically programmed and is characteristic of each individual, but the differences between individuals, although they exist, are small.

A properly functioning body tends to a state of balance (homeostasis), and our immune system (immune) watches over its behavior, despite the action of numerous external and internal factors disturbing this functional balance of the body. However, technological progress and changes in our natural environment often interfere with the functioning of our natural defense system.

This disruption can be caused by: chronic inflammation, fungus, parasites, abnormal eating habits, dyes and preservatives, excess alcohol, smoking, poor oral health, excess solar radiation (UVA and UVC), ionizing radiation, being within range of WI-FI, GSM relay stations, using GSM phones, being near high-voltage lines (pancreatic cancer), by compounds and chemical elements in the air, water and soil, viruses, genetic factors, some drugs – especially those that reduce the body's immunity (immunosuppressants), but also non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, ibuprom, ibuprofen, ketonal, tylenol and many others).

When our body temperature changes by a few tenths of a degree Celsius, it is a signal that a disease state has begun in our body. When the pH of the blood changes by a few tenths of a degree of Ph, when our cells change their electrical potential by up to a few tenths of a millivolta, or their distance between themselves is incorrect, it is also a sign that something bad is happening in our body. When there are any changes on the skin, it is a symptom of some ailment inherent in our natural defense system. In order to know the causes of diseases and their correct treatment, it is necessary to systematically perform tests that will allow to detect diseases at their initial stage, which increases the effectiveness of their treatment many times.

The human body consists of cells. Healthy cells grow, divide and die naturally. Early in life, until they reach puberty, cells divide faster. After this period, cells in most parts of the body divide only to replace dying cells (wearing out) and to repair damage to the body.

All cells in the body use DNA as a pattern to divide into new cells. DNA damage can lead to rapid cell growth out of control. Cancer cells do not stop growing and dividing – this is how they differ from healthy cells. Their feature is also that they have the ability to "avoid" the immune system, living their own separate life, contrary to the interests of the whole organism. Instead of dying, they survive healthy cells and begin to form new cells that are cancer cells, developing as a result of DNA damage that directs all activity of the body's cells.

One of the reasons for DNA damage is oxidative stress (oxygen stress), which is a state of disturbed balance between free radicals (oxidants) and antioxidants (antioxidants) in the body. Both free radicals and antioxidants naturally occur in the body, because they are necessary for the proper course of many life processes. However, when there is an increase in the production of free radicals or a decrease in antioxidant activity, oxidative stress occurs. Disorders of cellular metabolism can lead to permanent changes in the structure of DNA, RNA – a messenger of information from DNA to proteins, proteins themselves, lipids and sugars, the consequence of which is most often the loss of their biological functions and, subsequently, to the development of disease processes (inflammation) as a consequence to chronic diseases, including cancer.


In order to effectively treat the disease, it is necessary to diagnose its cause. For this, it is necessary to perform a series of tests that will not only show the general condition of the body, but will accelerate the treatment process by indicating deficiencies of the necessary substances, stimulating our immune system and, as a result, faster recovery. Tests and supplementation should be consulted with a doctor.

In some cases, it is advisable to supplement or even replace long-term and expensive laboratory tests with a sufficiently precise device operating on the principle of cellular bioresonance, and although the method is not recognized as a scientific method, its effectiveness has been proven many times, especially in diagnostics and desensitization. Bioresonance tests and electroacupuncture in several EU countries are widely used in hospitals and specialist clinics and the costs of treatment are reimbursed by the health systems of these countries.

Heart rateometry, photospectrometry, DNA sequencing.

The overwhelming majority of diseases result from an excess of toxins and deficiencies, which significantly hinders the proper functioning of the body.
We can value in real time possible overloads of heavy metals, the bioavailability of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and check the level of oxidative stress.
We are also able to assess acute and chronic stress of the heart muscle and coronary vessels by checking the rhythmicity balance using five indicators: Cardiflex, Cardistress, ANS, cardiac coherence and IRT.
It is also possible to precisely analyze the intestinal microbiome by sequencing the DNA of intestinal bacteria, analyzing viruses, fungi and food intolerances as well as we offer dedicated solutions.
Completely non-invasive diagnostics using the spectrophotometric method, allows for a quick scan of several dozen parameters of the body, and data is taken directly from the tissue.
Selected parameters:
– assessment of heavy
metal overload – bioavailability of trace elements and vitamins
– assessment of the level of oxidative stress and defense capabilities of the body
– assessment of tissue oxygenation – assessment of the elasticity of veins
and arteries
– cardiac
coherence – assessment of balance in the autonomic nervous
system – assessment of liver
function – assessment of skin elasticity, hair and nail
condition – assessment of acid-base balance of the
body – assessment of joint condition and regenerative
abilities – assessment of enzymatic
balance – assessment of glycemia
– assessment of cognitive functions and emotional balance – assessment of
balance in the
endocrine system – assessment of predisposition to allergies

Sample results:

Research Results
Research Results

Diagnostics by DNA analysis

Dna sequencing of gut bacteria and selection of appropriate pro and prebiotics can also be performed.

Sample results
Research results


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Bioresonance research and electroacupuncture therapy

DIRP is an alternative to traditional bioresonance. This method is based on frequency bioresonance. There is no need to have samples of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, pathogens show us their frequency bioresonance, which is their most sensitive point. Homeopathy in combination with the METHOD DIAGNOSING DIRP gives measurable results. Improving the state of health based on DIRP bioresonance is always carried out at frequencies at which bacteria, viruses, pathogens resonate. It very effectively strengthens the immune system.

The therapeutic effect takes place not in the device, but in the patient's body itself. The patient's electromagnetic field reacts immediately to a precisely matched therapeutic signal and transmits the changed vibration pattern to the device. This process is constantly repeated in fractions of a second. In this way, pathological signals are reduced in the body and finally extinguished, and the physiological regulatory forces of the body begin to properly control biological processes. As a result of the improvement of the biophysical energy state of the patient, biochemical processes are gradually improved ‐ normalized and cured. The methods developed and used by us very effectively strengthen the immune system.

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Cancer is not a single disease, but many different diseases that share a basic common feature – pathological multiplication of cells. However, the pattern of formation of these diseases is similar: first there is a weakening of the immune system (immune / defense) by toxins, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and improper lifestyle, then chronic inflammation arises and, as a consequence, there is degeneration and mutation of cells (damage to their DNA) as a result of which their uncontrolled growth occurs, most often in the form of a cancerous tumor.

Chemotherapy/radiation therapy/oncological surgery

These are the only methods of cancer treatment available to doctors used in oncology. The action of chemotherapy and radiotherapy causes damage not only to cancer cells, but also to healthy cells and, importantly, weakens the functioning of the body's defense system. As a result, there is usually damage to the respiratory and vascular systems and, as a result, to death, although not directly as a result of the cancer itself. Oncological surgery also does not have the best results, because here chemotherapy is usually used as a supportive treatment. It should be noted that the removal of a cancerous tumor does not eliminate the possibility of metastasis to other organs. It is true that as a result of surgical removal of a cancerous tumor, approx. 99% of degenerated cells with damaged DNA, however, neither oncological surgery, nor chemotherapy or radiotherapy destroy the so-called cancer stem cells circulating further in the body, which, activated by surgery or only by the puncture itself, often cause cancer to metastasize even to several organs.

Side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy


bone marrow damage, anemia, neutropenic enteritis, gastrointestinal damage, nausea and vomiting, cardiovascular complications, hepatotoxicity, peripheral neuropathy, nephrotoxicity, chronic fatigue syndrome, hair loss, infertility, the formation of secondary tumors, lung damage, cognitive impairment and many others.


early damage to the bone marrow, epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, anemia, shallow ulcers, respiratory tract and heart, reactions on the part of the intestines and bladder, reactions on the part of the rectum, vagina, vulva; late lesions of the lungs, kidneys, liver, nervous system. Complications arise as a result of the death of parenchyma cells of organs or changes in blood vessels. As a consequence, extensive fibrosis, chronic ulcers and necrosis occur.


The oncological patient usually receives information that after undergoing conventional treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, oncological surgery), his chances of survival will increase by 50%. However, these are relative data, that is, simply manipulated: if the five-year survival rate of a patient with advanced cancer is 2%, and after the use of chemotherapy it increases to 3%, then the relative effectiveness of chemotherapy is 50%, because it increased the patient's survival by 50% (3% is 50% higher than 2%). Although some types of cancer undergo chemotherapy (targeted therapy) even at the level of effectiveness of approx. 40% (e.g. testicular tumor), these are single types, but for most cancers (pancreas, lungs, brain, kidneys, stomach, etc.) the use of chemotherapy simply does not work, increasing the patient's suffering as a result of the destruction of most of his organs. As a result of chemotherapy, the cause of death is usually its side effects, e.g. degeneration of the respiratory and vascular systems. Australian scientists have published data showing that the effect of chemotherapy on five-year survival in Australia is 2.3% and in the USA 2.1% (source: US National Library of Medicine).

Alternative treatments for cancer

Treatment with alternative methods is usually undertaken for people whose cancer is at a very advanced stage and after a failure of conventional treatment. The body is weakened and destroyed not only by the disease itself, but also by the therapy used. For obvious reasons, the chances of cure are not high, although they still exist and are often higher than the results achieved by oncologists using conventional methods.


Defense against cancer – is the efficiency of the immune system

Effective treatment of cancer should begin with the removal of its causes. In the case of mutating and multiplying uncontrolled cancer cells, the immune system should be restored to efficiency by cleansing the body of toxins, restoring the body to the appropriate pH environment, oxygenating the cells and adequate hydration, and providing the body with missing substances that stimulate the DNA repair process along with a mechanism that stimulates the self-destruction of mutant cells.

But when we are already suffering, we will not cure the body until we properly cleanse and nourish it.

Before proceeding to the cleansing of the body, it is necessary to carry out therapy: parasitic (bioresonance), cleansing the kidneys, healing the teeth and the lymphatic system. Otherwise, especially when it comes to chronic diseases, any therapies may simply be ineffective.

Drug-based substances, food preservatives, toxins, fecal stones, mycoses, parasitic worms, environmental contamination, are unnecessary ballast that burdens our body. The liver, pancreas and gastrointestinal tract are most burdened in cancer and when removing parasites from the body. Enemas open the bile ducts and cleanse the body of all poisons and also have a strong analgesic effect.


Replace tablets/capsules with vitamins, herbal teas and juices from all vegetables and fruits of Polish origin.

Give up all drugs, alcohol, including sweet wines, beer, nicotine, strong coffee, tea, all fast food, vitamin preparations that are/may be contaminated with heavy metals (aluminum, benzalkonium, PCB, prazeodym, mercury, ruthenium, strontium, thulle) lanthanides, all cosmetics that contain aluminum, antimony, boron, bismuth, chromium, tin, zirconium, benzalkonium, strontium, titanium.

Lotions, deodorants, ointments, oils, mouthwash, toothpaste, perfume, cologne are not recommended: men's hair dye contains lead, crayons and eye shadows contain chromium, hairspray contains propanol and PCB, massage oil replace with olive oil, cigarettes contain lead, mercury, nickel and tobacco mosaic virus (do not replace with e-cigarettes – they contain a highly addictive substance), toothpaste contains benzene, tin, strontium (replace with hydrogen peroxide with soda, which must be dissolved), dental floss contains mercury and thallium antiseptics, old toothbrush contains solvent, bath liquid – bath in the bath replace with a shower, shampoo even healthy, contains propanol – replace it with gray soap / borax, lipstick contains barium, aluminum, titanium.

Give up the microwave, from the consumption of sugar (sweets, ice cream), any sweetened carbonated liquids, energetic, juices from cardboard boxes, highly processed food, salt, milk and cow dairy products (you can: butter, milk and goat cheese), yellow, blue and melted cheeses, wheat flour (pasta, flour dishes, white bread), potato flour, pudding, pickles, white rice, corn, soybeans, all kinds of worthless canned products, the meat of farm animals contains antibiotics, hormones and synthetic enhancers, and most importantly – they contain HORMOSTRES – which is secreted during slaughter. The human body is not able to completely digest this type of meat and incompletely digested, it remains in the body, depositing in it in the form of toxins.

Bowel cleansing

Examples of purification methods are described by prof. Ivan Nieumywakin in his book "Endoecology of Health", where he proposes, m.in, a suitable protein-free and vegetarian diet, apple juice, beet juice, honey, choleretic teas, vegetable oil and additionally a herbal preparation. The author also draws attention to the differences in therapy in the event that stones in the gallbladder have already been detected earlier and recommends how to effectively dissolve them. The nutrients contained in freshly squeezed juices break down diseased tissues, including cancerous tumors. The enema removes toxins accumulated in the body from the liver, and the decaying tumor is quickly washed out of the body, which can sometimes protect the body from metastasis.

Cleansing of the pancreas and liver

Disruption of the proper functioning of the intestines causes disruption of all metabolic processes in the body. The intestines should be cleaned using appropriate preparations and enemas. One of the most effective methods of cleansing the intestines is hydrocolonotherapy, which should be repeated 4-7 times.

Purification of the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is part of the body's defense system. Its most important functions are defense against infections and circulation of body fluids, so the proper functioning of this system is extremely important. A way to cleanse the lymphatic system is to drink plenty of clean water, sweat (preferably while jumping) or play other sports. If it is difficult or impossible to perform physical exercises, use the sauna. In the case of difficult access to the sauna, natural (herbal) preparations should be used, e.g. dandelion.

Restoration of proper pH of the stomach

Stomach acids in a properly functioning digestive system should have a very acidic reaction (pH 1-2.5). They should be an effective barrier to fungi, mold and other bacteria found in our environment. If the pH of the stomach is too high (too low acidity), then bacteria, fungi and molds penetrate the intestines and, growing, penetrate further into the body through the intestinal walls damaged by fungi. To check the pH of the stomach, a gastrological examination should be performed, during which samples are taken for examination with a special probe inserted through the throat. To check the pH of the stomach without using troublesome gastrology, you should drink 1/2 cup of water with dissolved baking soda (flat teaspoon) immediately before the morning meal. With proper acidification of the stomach, within 90 seconds it should bounce back, which is the result of the reaction of acid with the base and the resulting carbon dioxide. If the body does not react, then you should stimulate the production of stomach acids by drinking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar approx. 15 minutes before each meal. The reaction to soda should be checked every few weeks.


In pure water, the concentration of hydrogen ions is equal to the concentration of hydroxyl ions. pH of water = 7. If in aqueous solutions the concentration of hydrogen ions is greater than hydroxide, the solutions have an acidic reaction and their pH < 7, while if the concentration of hydroxyl ions is greater than hydrogen ions, we are talking about an alkaline reaction, i.e. pH>7. The blood should be slightly alkaline and its pH should be between 7.35 and 7.45.

Oxygen and pH

It is only natural that every healthy person has cancer cells in his body. They circulate throughout our lives, supervised by our defense system. But it happens that they are located permanently where they have favorable conditions for it, i.e. m.in in places of inflammation and in an acidic environment, where the pH is lower than 6.

Dr. Otto Warburg conducted research in the twenties of the twentieth century on respiratory enzymes, some vitamins and mineral salts necessary for the body to dispose of oxygen in cells, which resulted in the Nobel Prize in 1931. He stated that there is an indisputable and close relationship between the formation of cancer cells and the acidic environment in the body, i.e. one in which the amount of oxygen is limited.

Dr. Warburg also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (they do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of a large amount of oxygen, which is present in the alkaline environment of the body. Thus, the pH of the body is crucial for our health and life.

Acid-base balance

A gasometer is used to study the acid-base balance. On the basis of a blood sample, in addition to its pH, the partial pressure of carbon dioxide, the concentration of bicarbonates in plasma, the partial pressure of oxygen, etc. are examined, but we should be most interested in whether our body has an alkaline or acidic pH. A fairly simple method is a urine test, the pH of which reflects the pH of our body.

Hydration of the body

Water is a common solvent of body compounds and an essential food supplement for all organisms known so far. It participates in the course of most metabolic reactions, is a means of intracorporeal transport: metabolic products, nutrients, hormones, enzymes. It regulates temperature and participates in hydrolysis reactions, necessary for the removal of final metabolic products. Water accounts for an average of 60% of the weight of an adult. Water should be clean, structural (e.g. frostbitten or brought to the state before boiling), not oxidized, and therefore having redox below 200 mV (preferably negative) and should have an alkaline pH, i.e. 7.4-8.5. Every adult should drink min. 2 liters of clean water. In order for the water to remain in the body hydrating it, a pinch of rock or Himalayan salt should be added to each glass of water, which differs from table salt in that it is not thermally and chemically treated, is crystal clear and contains elements and microelements that our body especially needs. Salt is also essential for the production of stomach acids.



There is no doubt that the way of eating and the selection of nutrients has a very large impact on the formation of diseases, including cancer. Dietotherapy in combination with mental hygiene and physical activity is an underestimated weapon in the fight against diseases and the aging process. We are not always aware that diet is one of the cheapest and extremely effective forms of prevention, as well as help in various health ailments.

The so-called civilization diseases, such as allergy, asthma, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, obesity, cancer, brain diseases, affect more and more people around the world. Most of the listed diseases are closely related to the daily diet. The consumption of genetically modified, refined, preserved and incompatible with human physiology, although a common phenomenon, should be completely eliminated as an unnatural and highly dangerous thing.

Diet in cancer


Vomiting should be properly hydrated to the body: drinking in small portions, at least six times a day – a large amount of drinks drunk at one time can provoke vomiting. Depending on the type of medication, nausea and vomiting may appear, so you should not force the sick person to eat, let him eat only as much as he wants, and only when he feels like it. Meals should be at room temperature, too cold or too hot can increase nausea.

Constipation should properly hydrate the body-up to 3 liters of water per day. The diet should include products with a spreading effect with a high content of fiber: oatmeal, corn, raw vegetables and fruits. before breakfast, it is worth drinking a glass of boiled lukewarm water with a teaspoon of honey, kefir with tomato juice or red beet juice or a glass of mineral water with a high content of magnesium. For breakfast, dried fruits with oatmeal and the addition of coarsely ground flaxseed are recommended. Multi-cereal bread with bran is also indicated.before lunch, it is also worth drinking a tablespoon of oil. Fiber contained in products with a decompressing effect absorbs a lot of water. Products with a breathtaking effect (rice, bananas, boiled carrots) should be avoided.

Diarrhea should properly hydrate the body – drink at least a few glasses of fluids a day, in small sips, even when you do not feel thirsty. The best will be boiled water or infusion of black berries. The basis is a food with a breathtaking effect and low fiber content: wheat, stale bread, fish, rice, finely grated raw apple, bananas, kissels, gruel, yogurt, cottage cheese, boiled carrots and pumpkin.

Thrush and ulcers should be drunk mineral water rich in bicarbonates, which neutralize gastric juice, have an anti-inflammatory effect and support digestion. It is recommended to eat 5–6 meals during the day – 3 not very abundant main dishes and 2 snacks. Small meals can also prevent heartburn. Dishes should have the consistency of mush. Well tolerated are cooled vegetable and potato purée, fruit mousses without sugar, mixed boiled meat and fish, eggs (cooked exclusively soft-boiled), fatty cottage cheese and yogurts. You can add cream, mild sauces or vegetable juices to the dishes. Salty and sweet dishes are not recommended. Avoid fiber-rich whole grain and wholemeal cereal preparations, raw fruits and vegetables, products with a dry and hard consistency, e.g. nuts, rusks (unless they are soggy in water).

lack of appetite it is necessary to drink between meals. You can drink special liquid nutrient preparations – they contain a large dose of energy and essential nutrients. You should give the most caloric products, spread bread with butter, add a tablespoon of olive oil, linseed oil, fatty or semi-fat cottage cheese, rice, pasta, small groats to the dishes. During meals, do not drink (or little to moisten the food), this will avoid the feeling of fullness in the stomach, which worsens the appetite.

Prohibited products

  • any carbohydrate products of the group of simple sugars including jams, sweet fruits: grapes;
  • complex carbohydrate products, especially rich glycolenic ones such as: flour, rye, oatmeal, barley, pasta;
  • dairy products that increase insulin resistance – limit only to sour milk, yogurt;
  • meat products, in particular animals fed with artificial feed (e.g. farm poultry), and smoked products;
  • vegetable oils – at high temperature, are considered potentially carcinogenic.

Acidification promotes the development of cancer

  • protein products cause a slow increase in glucose in the blood – glucose is the main breeding ground for cancer;
  • instead of sandwiches: 2 x 2 soft-boiled eggs or roasted meat (i.e.) with salads – without bread.

Recommended products

  • vegetables and fruits (except grapes);
  • meat – the most advantageous veal, lamb – animals at the slaughter stage, fed with mother's milk and not artificial feed;
  • indicated veal, lamb meat roasted in place of sausage products ready for general sale;
  • permissible raw pork sausages, long ripening naturally;
  • meat from poultry exclusively for domestic farming, not farm farming – fed with artificial feed;
  • desirable eating of fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, anchovies) steamed or baked, smoking not recommended – a carcinogenic process;
  • indicated Polish goose; for stewing use clarified butter or goose lard;
  • instead of bread and potatoes, use beans, lentils, peas – vegetable protein products that are more alkaline than animal proteins, and therefore less acidifying.

Consumption of liquids and foods

In the oral cavity, the first phase of digestion occurs, that is, the breakdown of food (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) into simpler forms. It is necessary to thoroughly bite every bite of the meal consumed. In order for the stomach to properly perform its digestive functions (killing bacteria and fungi, properly breaking down proteins into amino acids, etc.), it should have a very acidic environment (1-2.5 Ph). Meals should be eaten without liquids (1/2 hour before and 2 hours after a meal) to avoid dilution of stomach acids (hydrochloric acid and pepsin). With proper hydration of the body, we should not feel the need to sip meals. Every adult should drink min. 2 l of clean water per day. For the proper production of stomach acids, it is necessary to consume salt. Food salt is refined and processed – heated to 584 degrees Celsius. C takes the unnatural form of a chemical salt consisting of 97.5% sodium chloride. This character should be avoided. The best salt for health is Himalayan salt, which is free of toxins and impurities and consists of many minerals and trace elements. When hydrating the body, you should add a few grains of Himalayan salt to the water, thus retaining water in the body and at the same time providing the body with calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron and many others. Remember to compose meals correctly, and especially not to combine carbohydrates with protein. We should eat so that 80% of the products have an alkaline reaction, and only 20% acid-forming.


Sugar consumed in foods is harmful to the body. It is the cause of most inflammation and acidifies the body. It contributes to the formation of chronic diseases, including cancer. Avoid drinking sweetened liquids, and especially avoid glucose-fructose syrup. Beware of sweeteners, especially aspartame. In addition to their toxicity, they stimulate appetite and can be the cause of obesity. If necessary, you can consume birch sugar from Finland (xylitol), but only in small quantities. In meals, carbohydrates should be limited (pasta, bread, potatoes, cereal products). For example , one slice of white bread is the equivalent of approx. 3 teaspoons of sugar (approx. 10 g).

Sugar substitutes

Sugar substitutes are fresh fruit, dried fruits, naturally concentrated juices, syrups and malts xylitol, stevia.


Fats consist of substances that are chemically acids. To function properly, our body needs ALA fat, i.e. alpha linolenic acid contained in Omega 3 fatty acids and LA, i.e. linoleic acid contained in Omega 6 fatty acids, which it cannot produce itself. The daily requirement of our body for Omega 3 and Omega 6 and their proper proportions can be ensured in a fairly simple way, by mixing organic oil from flax with sunflower or safflower oil in a ratio of 1: 3, remembering that both should be cold-pressed. Two teaspoons of such a mixture provide us with a daily need for unsaturated fats.
Heating unsaturated fats causes their damage. The higher the temperature, the faster oxidation occurs and the more the fat structure is damaged. Therefore, fry only on fats that are not oxidized (coconut oil and animal fats), and vegetable oils should be consumed only cold, e.g. in salads, especially paying attention to the fact that high temperatures are not used in the production process. Vegetable oils should be stored in the refrigerator to delay the oxidation process.

Important consumption of unsaturated fatty acids liquefies cell membranes and thus allows oxygenation of cells. When the level of oxygenation of the cell drops by approx. 30% of the nominal value, the cell turns irreversibly into a cancer cell. Hypoxia of cells is a primary cause of cancer. Do not confuse oxygenation of cells with oxygenation of the blood.