cancer prevention

Our mission is: cancer prevention


Our mission is
cancer prevention

Introduction of SELOL to the market and consumption as a selenium supplement, creation, implementation and promotion of modern technologies, especially in the field of medicine and enabling the use of them by the community, in particular by conducting and commissioning scientific research for this purpose, as well as developing new solutions of technology and medicine,
popularization of the idea of a healthy lifestyle and respect for the environment, developing and strengthening attitudes focused on active cooperation in the development of pro-health awareness of society, activities for organizations whose statutory objectives are: scientific, scientific and technical, educational, cultural activities, in the field of physical culture and sport, environmental protection, charity, health protection and implementation of modern technologies improving the quality of life


Through the promotion and popularization of contemporary achievements in medicine and technology improving the quality of life, prevention and early diagnosis of diseases, funding scientific scholarships and organizing and financing domestic and foreign scientific internships related to new techniques, conducting activities in the field of technology and technology transfer, scientific and research activities, innovative and implementation works in Poland and abroad, financial support for scientific research and clinical, purchase of specialized equipment and apparatus and transfer of it to selected medical or scientific institutions.

SELOL dla chorych

SELOL can be used in any other treatment of cancer.


Every day, eat a handful of sauerkraut or two pickled cucumbers – you won't get cancer. Our Polish silage contains life-giving bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum and vitamin C.

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Good Life Foundation
District Court for Warsaw, XII Commercial Division of the National
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PKO Bank Polish SA
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(PLN) PL 13 1020 1068 0000 1402 0319 6375
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The collected funds will be 100% allocated to the statutory activities of our Foundation, min. for the purchase of ingredients for the production of selol and support for children suffering from cancer.