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SELOL can be used in any other treatment of cancer. In the case of using irradiation with ionizing radiation, SELOL helps to avoid or quickly eliminate radiation sickness, and by removing metals from the body, it minimizes the effects of the chemotherapeutic agents used.

It is made available only in exceptional cases of cancer, mainly in terminal conditions. The treatment lasts from 3 to 5 years. Each case will be assessed individually.

Please do not give up the treatment recommended by a specialist oncologist. It is your responsibility to agree with your doctor on the possibility of taking SELOL.

The patient or the person administering the preparation to the patient assumes full responsibility for the consequences of possible deviations from the recommended doses. SELOL cannot be shared by patients with others in need without consulting a doctor. Written consent of the doctor is required to take SELOL.

Referrals based on the patient's initial and current medical records are issued by:

Prof. dr hab. Marek Bębenek
T. +48 71 337 00 55, WROCLAW

MD, PhD Kazimierz Kordecki
T. +48 662 122 225, BIALYSTOK

MD, PhD Marian Słowiaczek
T. +48 12 638 04 73, KRAKOW

Maria Ostasiewicz-Misiuna, PhD
T. +48 504 049 891, WARSAW (home visits)

Anna Błażewska-Gruszczyk, PhD
T. +48 12 638 04 73, KRAKOW

Izabela Borowiecka, PhD
T. +48 22 827 16 12, WARSAW

Katarzyna Junak, PhD
T. 501 621 517, +48 12 255 14 55, KRAKOW


Before visiting your doctor, please download and complete:

  • informed consent of the patient DOWNLOAD

Medical records

During the visit to the doctor, you should additionally present:

  • diagnosis and histopathological examinations
  • medical history, biological parameters: age, sex, weight; current treatment (chemotherapy/radiotherapy/surgery)
  • blood counts
  • imaging results: MR, CT, ultrasound – descriptions, starting and current photos

After qualifying, please send to the following e-mail: completed scans of documents:

  • Prescription
  • Consent

After qualifying

Patients qualified by our doctors become Members supporting the Good Life Foundation. The monthly contribution is PLN 400. This is not brought by children up to 18 years of age. Without your regular support, we will not be able to make SELOL available. We spend the money on all activities related to the production and delivery of SELOL for our patients.
After booking the current premium fee, you will receive 150 ml of SELOL in liquid, which is enough for about 35-37 days using the maximum doses (enough to fill approx. 300 caps). On Tuesdays, we send SELOL by courier to the address indicated in the consent form.
Do not give up taking SELOL in case of malaise – just reduce the daily dose by half, and then gradually return to the doses recommended by the attending physician.
We kindly ask you to inform by letter to the e-mail: about possible changes in the patient’s condition, doses, address or resignation from therapy.

The therapeutic dose to be used during cancer therapy is 1 to 2 mg Se(IV)/kg body weight. The method of taking and the dose of SELOL is determined by the doctor. SELOL removes metals from the body, including zinc responsible for hair and nails. In case of symptoms of zinc deficiency: redness of the nail root, soreness of the nails, hair loss, when chemotherapy was used – you should increase the dose of zinc from the previously prescribed by 25-50 mg – or agree with your doctor.

Daily dose ZINC CHELAT
Zinc can be taken in a capsule or tablet. Daily dose of zinc chalella for 1 ml of SELOL: from 40 mg to 50 mg.

How to prepare zinc dissolved in water
Dissolve the daily dose of crushed tablets/capsules in 1 liter of boiling water. Drink in small sips during the day (leave the white sediment at the bottom of the dish or decant the solution and discard the sediment).

LIQUID SELOL can be administered without any modifications, while eating, however, in the case of damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa (e.g. after chemotherapy), nausea, vomiting or diarrhea may occur. You can mix the measured portion with food (e.g. sandwiches, potatoes, porridge, thick soup, kefir, yogurt, thick juices: tomato, banana). In case of nausea and vomiting, use 2x 10,000 units of creon per day. For diarrhea, use loperamide, no more than 6 mg per day. LIQUID SELOL must not be washed down with water.

SELOL in capsules up to 1 capsule should be poured with 0.5 ml of SELOL (can be washed down with water).
In case of nausea and vomiting, use 2x 10,000 units of creon per day. For diarrhea, use loperamide, no more than 6 mg per day. LIQUID SELOL must not be washed down with water.

Storage of SELOL in a glass or plastic bottle with a certificate for medicines, orange color, in a cool room, protect from light.

ORDER capsules
The capsules are ordered by the patient via e-mail: giving his name, surname, delivery address, number of pcs. with a note: “enteric capsules size “0” for SELOL” (1000 pcs – cost about 100,-zł)

The Foundation does not accept the return of the delivered SELOL.