SELOL for the sick

Ladies and Gentlemen,

SELOL is currently in preclinical studies. Our application for the European Commission’s permission for placing SELOL on the market as a selenium supplement is pending.
SELOL may be used in any other type of cancer treatment. In case of exposure to ionizing radiation, SELOL helps to avoid or eliminate radiation sickness, and by removing heavy metals from the organism, it minimalizes the effects of chemotherapeutic drugs.
We distribute SELOL only in emergency cases of terminal cancer diseases when other methods of therapy cannot be applied. The treatment lasts from 3 to 5 years.
Please, do not stop the treatment recommended by a specialist oncologist. You are obliged to consult the possibility of SELOL treatment with your doctor.
The patient, or a person administering the preparation to a patient, takes full responsibility for any deviation from the recommended doses. SELOL shall not be redistributed by patients to other patients without consulting a medical doctor. A written consent from the doctor is required to begin administration with SELOL.

Prior to supplying the initial and the current medical documentation of a patient, written referrals are issued by:

Prof. dr hab. Marek Bębenek
T. +48 71 337 00 55, WROCLAW

Norbert Szaluś MD.Ph.D.  - medical consultant of the Foundation
T. +48 575 622 322, WARSAW

Kazimierz Kordecki MD.Ph.D.
T. +48 662 122 225, BIALYSTOK

Marian Słowiaczek Ph.D.
T. +48 12 638 04 73, CRACOW

Maria Ostasiewicz-Misiuna Ph.D.
T. +48 504 049 891, WARSAW

Anna Błażewska-Gruszczyk Ph.D.
T. +48 12 638 04 73, CRACOW

Izabela Borowiecka Ph.D.
T. +48 22 827 16 12, WARSAW

Medical documentation
diagnosis and histopathological tests,
medical history, biological parameters: age, sex, weight; therapy so far (chemotherapy, radiation therapy/operations),
imaging examination results: MR, CT, USG – descriptions, initial and current images,
morphology and the concentration of tumor markers.

Please send scanned documentation filled-in by a doctor and a patient to: 
- prescription
- informed consent of a patient

Patients qualified by our doctors become the contributing Members of the Good Life Foundation. A monthly contribution is 300 PLN. Children and adolescents aged 18 and below do not make contributions.
Without your regular support we will not be able to distribute SELOL. The money is used to pay for all activities related to the production and delivery of SELOL to our patients.
You will receive 150ml of liquid SELOL, which is an equivalent of approx. 35-37 days at maximum doses (the amount is sufficient to fill about 300 capsules). On Mondays and Wednesdays we send a registered letter with SELOL to the address specified in the form of consent.
Do not give up taking SELOL if you feel unwell - just reduce the daily dose by half and then gradually return to the doses recommended by the attending physician.
Please, notify us about any changes in the patient’s state, doses, address or resignation from the therapy. 

The therapeutic dose used in cancer treatment is 1-2 mg of Se(IV)/kg body mass. The manner of administration and doses are decided upon by a doctor.  SELOL removes heavy metals from the body, including zinc responsible for hair and nails. In the case of zinc deficiency symptoms: redness of the nail base, nail soreness, hair loss when chemotherapy was used - increase the previously prescribed dose of zinc by a minimum of 1 tablet.

Liquid SELOL may be ingested with food without any modifications, but in the case of injured mucous membrane of the digestive tract (e.g. resulting from chemotherapy), there may be nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. A measured dose can be mixed with food (e.g. sandwiches, potatoes, groats, thick soup, kefir, yoghurt, thick juices: tomato, banana). In case of nausea and vomiting, a patient should use 2x 10 000 units of preparation kreon before every dose of SELOL. Liquid SELOL should not be ingested with water - water is allowed after 15-30 minutes

SELOL in capsules one capsule should contain 0.5 ml of SELOL (water is allowed)

Store in dark orange glass bottle.
SUMMER-WINTER- in cold and dim conditions.